Silver Dream

by Blossom Ruoquen
originally published at 06:45PM on Wednesday, October 17, 2007

“When will it rain?” asked a young-looking girl to a distant and bemused boy sitting in a large pasture.
“I’m waiting-”
“For what?”
“The sky to fall” said the boy.
“You mean rain?” replied the girl in an exasperated tone.
“No, I mean the whole sky just coming down”
“Why in all things sane would that happen!?”
“Because my dream is up there…”
“Your dream” stated the girl in a disbelieving voice.
“Yes, A miniature silver dragon whisked it away last night while I was sleeping and hid it up there” The boy sadly said as he pointed up.
“That’s ridiculous. Dragons don’t exist; and everyone knows that dreams aren’t real.”
“How do you know?”
“What do you mean, ‘how do I know’? Everyone knows. It’s just common knowledge!”
The boy sighed and then went on to say “Haven’t you ever tried to prove something to yourself…ever? It’s unintelligible to always rely on information that isn’t verifiable. Because dragons haven’t been seen by anyone that you’ve ever heard of, doesn’t mean you should adopt their attitude.”




  • from THX 0477:

    Interesting conversation in this one.

  • from Yeah Write!:

    i like the story! may i suggest replacing “spaced out” with another adjective and check the spelling on ridiculous. otherwise, very nice!

  • from Blossom Ruoquen:

    :D thanks for the feedback YW

  • from A Joker:

    You’re such a dreamer blossom. I’m right there with you. Staring at the stars to see what falls out.

  • from Brebelles:

    I wish I could write as well as you guys….gravey I can only write songs…

    I love my creative friends!!!