halloweens worries and fears

by popstar3494
originally published at 02:33PM on Sunday, October 21, 2007

We all worries and fears and thats whats makes us different. We have different fears and worries. But what if we don’t have worries and fears we’d all be the same way never being scared of the dark or even thinking of scared thoughts.
When you think of scary things you get that crazy feeling that you can’t be scared of antthiny. you just keep on going and going and soon when you get to that point where you that no one can scare you, get scared and you start to think that maybe you get scared.
This maybe not the best work ever but I’m writing this to show you that anyone can be scared.




  • from Maybe_Miseryx:

    this was good, but a lot of spelling errors and the word scared was used repetitively.
    We all worries and fears this makes no sense…