by Kiara Crane
originally published at 12:13AM on Friday, March 23, 2007

“The monkeys told me I’d find you here,” Cameron told the girl who hid behind a barrel at the back of the cabin. “Are you ok?”

The young child began to twist of piece of her shoulder-length, brown hair, looking up at him with nervous, blue eyes. Slowly, she nodded. “You hear the voices, too?” she whispered in a voice only just audible.

Cameron blew a loose strand of black hair from his hazel eyes and tried to find a way to explain his ‘voices.’ “They’re not voices exactly, but feelings. I can feel the emotions of animals, people, even things you wouldn’t think possessed emotions. These emotions tell me things.”

The girl stopped cowering and slowly got to her feet. She was a lot shorter than he had gathered from the picture her grandmother showed him when she first went missing. “You mean my voices are just emotions?”

“Most likely.”

“So, I’m not crazy?”

“Not at all.”

“I can go home?”

Cameron grinned and reached out a finger. “You can go home,” he assured her.

The girl hesitated, then took the finger.