Do You Want to Meet a Pirate?

by Karen of Mavarin
originally published at 12:54AM on Friday, March 23, 2007

“Tell me a story,” the little girl demanded.

“What kind of story?”

“About pirates.”

“Do you like pirates?”

“Yup. Only I don’t know any.”

“Would you like to meet a pirate? Or would you rather just hear a story about one?”

“There aren’t any more pirates.”

“Yes there are. I know some pirates. One in particular.”

“A real pirate? With a ship and everything? Or do you mean the boring kind, that just copies video and sells it?”

“The kind with a ship and everything.”

“I don’t believe you. What’s the name of the ship?”

“Bad Wolf.”

“That’s a funny name for a ship. There aren’t any wolves in the ocean.”

“You’ve never heard of the Sea Wolf?”

“No. Can I meet him?”

“Her. That depends. Are you brave enough?”

“Yeah. Why? What will she do to me?”

“She might shanghai you.”

“What’s that mean?”

“Make you part of her crew.”

“That would be cool.”

“You couldn’t go home for a long time. No mommy or daddy.”

“That’s okay.”

“No tv. No iPod, phone or video game.”


“No computer.”

“I’ll think about it.”




  • from Robotech_Master:

    Heh heh. That’s just cute. (I would suggest, though, separating your paragraphs with a blank line so they’re easier to read.)

  • from Karen of Mavarin:

    I sacrificed some words, added the breaks, and fixed a continuity glitch. There.

  • from StrugglingWriter:

    Very nice story. I like it a lot. That is the catch with the space separating paragraphs, that counts as a character against you.

  • from SJHundak/S.J.Willing:

    hehe so true to life :)