Domestic Disturbance

by Pat J
originally published at 11:56PM on Tuesday, October 30, 2007

She say go way. I say no I stay here. She say no go way I mean it this time for reals. I say no I like it here I aint goin no where.

She haul back and punch me in my nose. I taste blood in the back of my throat. I say no how no way I leavin now, and then I sit down in the chair. Big old chair leaking stuffin and got springs what poke me in the butt cheek.

Go way! she yell but I pretend like I caint hear her. I pick up the phone and dial for a pizza. She go way into the kitchen, come back with a big damn knife. Shiny blade, big enough for I can see my eyes like in a mirror.

Get out she say or I stab you in you stupid face.

Dammit girl I say I got a pizza comin.

Dont care she say get out.

Right then the doorbell ring. I get it I say. She stab my hand to the chair. I scream but her door, it soundproof.

No I get it she say.

And then while I bleedin into her half-stuffed chair she sit on the floor in front of me and eat my damn pizza. Dont even give me a crust.

I hungry, I say.

Suck it, she say, and eat.




  • from TreeBeard:

    The accent is too thick. It lookss stupid when all the words are spelled wrong. Just write it normally.

  • from Pat J:

    Yeah, on review this wasn’t exactly a success. But it was really more an experiment than anything else.

  • from someday_93:

    Yeah, I agree with TreeBeard. And some quotation marks would be nice, I think. It’s kinda confusing to read.