by Howie Amourscow
originally published at 11:57AM on Wednesday, October 31, 2007

“That gorram river was crossed when you killed my friend,” Simon said, and returned to Simon-time. In Simon-time he wiped a tear from his cheek as he stepped across the room to the rigid Man In Black and used the saltwater to write a word of mourning on the man’s forehead. The kug, in Simon-time and Earth-time and no-time tensed, knowing the signal was soon to be given.

Simon gave it. The kug ripped into the Man In Black’s body, and he died.

And then he died again.

And then he died again.

In Earth-time, the seventh time the dead man died, he thought about his mother, and the eighteenth time he remembered his pet hamster he had when he was three, and by the thirtieth time he died all the dead man could think about was how he didn’t want to die, and that was all he thought about ever, every time he died, until Simon brought back what the kug left behind for interrogation.

The kug stepped away from the puddle of dead man on the hotel room floor, and looked at the couple on the bed.




  • from Nick:

    I like the death loop idea. Reminds me of the original ending from Ellison’s The City on the Edge of Forever. Excellent stuff, Howie.

  • from artistsrunwild:


  • from artistsrunwild:

    hold on…hold on….
    nope im still not sure how we got to the hotel…i thought they were in a holding cell place like i said in my other comment…..??

    regardless, i loved this and I agree with nick….the death loop just sounds horrid – in a good way

  • from Howie Amourscow:

    Simon and Blake weren’t in the holding cell; the action switched to Blake’s hotel room in Nick’s “Time is of Consequence”: http://ficlets.com/stories/12422
    Before that, CMTKOM introduced us to other characters in a holding cell, in “The Night Chicago Died (pt. 1)”: http://ficlets.com/stories/12418

  • from artistsrunwild:

    OOOOHHHHHH it all makes PERFECT sense now…i was deluding myself into thinking they were still in the holding cell DESPITE the reference to a hotel room – i just assumed the police officer was on crack…anyways…this makes much more sense now

    thanks everyone for clearing up my inability to read ficlets properly

  • from Alexa ♥:

    Wow. Killing a man multiple times in a row. Now that’s revenge!
    I hope the Kug doesn’t get loose. It sounds bad . . .