Into a Dark Alley

by Lionman
originally published at 08:48AM on Thursday, November 01, 2007 mature

Downtown at night with a storm coming on, is not where a young woman should be. Business’ had long since moved out, and most buildings were abandoned, un-maintained, or slated for demolition.

Sarah was in trouble. Her clothes torn, she ran roughshod down the street, looking for help. And not too far behind, a band of hoodlums hooting, hollering, and shouting their catcalls. They wanted to have their way with Sarah, and she’d thought perhaps she could make some money on the side, show a guy a good time, you know, easy money. She’d gotten more than she bargained for.

No one heeded her cries, and the boys weren’t going to heed her plea’s to stop. They only continued to chase her mercilessly. In her distraught state, she made a misstep, and turned down an alley, away from the main street.

Falling on her knees, clutching the top of her dress, Sarah’s tears were lost in the rain. And soon her pursuers surrounded her. “Please, help.” she whispered. These two soft, quite words did not go unheard.




  • from Pisces Girl:

    NICE !

  • from White Hat:

    Misplaced apostrophe on businesses.
    ... What is running roughshod? I was not aware it could be used as an adverb.