Outwitting an Assassin

by uselessness
originally published at 03:23PM on Friday, March 23, 2007

Laura, whose last name was quite definitely not Matthews, knew that the only thing more dangerous than a mysterious killer, is a mysterious killer who hasn’t done his homework.

She hit the reply button and typed:

Dear Killer,
I know who you are. If anyone has cause for fear, it’s you. You’ll be dead by nightfall.

After sending the message, she closed the blinds and began to overturn bookcases, tables, her CD rack, anything that would send a clear message to those who would come for her. She retrieved her two matching Glocks and a box of ammunition and stuffed them into her overcoat.

She was headed out the door when she spied the laptop and decided to take it too, just in case.

Deliberately leaving the front door wide open, she climbed into her jeep and drove to the deli on Jefferson Street. With the keys visible in the driver’s seat and the windows wide open, she abandoned the vehicle and headed down into the subway station to plan her next move.




  • from Kiara Crane:

    I started my story specifically to see where people would take it and I must say I like what you’ve done so far. Very interesting.