Don't Get Caught

by .:band baby:.
originally published at 02:31PM on Saturday, November 03, 2007

I listened at my door for a minute. I could hear the soft snore coming from my parents room, notifying me I was safe. I walked over to my window and opened it, enjoying the midnight air that rushed at my face. I climbed up on the sill and let my feet dangle a few seconds before I hopped down onto my roof. It was such a beautiful night.

I lay on my roof staring up at the sky for an inmeasurable amount of time. I can think about anything and everything when I’m on my roof. The night is my favorite time to be awake. There was a full moon tonight.

I heard the snoring cease. Oh crap! I scurried in through my window and jumped in bed, trying to be as noiseless as possible. Just as I pulled the covers over my head my door opened. My dad peeked in my room. He didn’t seem to suspect anything, but even so I stayed as still as possible. My parents would freak if they knew I was out on my roof. He left my door open and walked back to his room. That was close!


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  • from Lone Writer:

    I wish I could do something like that. But there’s no roof under my window sill. Alas.
    I really liked this one.

  • from Mk:


    Brings back a lot of memories too.
    Great Job

  • from someday_93:

    Very nice! Great job.

  • from Flute Loop<33:

    Omg. I love this. Your roof is so perfect just to sit on. I would know lol I have the same one. =)

  • from One Time, One Chance:

    tht sounds like a good idea.. i’m totally going to try tht sumtime =]