Kava's Guardian Angel I(as told to Rose)

by Rosalienye
originally published at 11:16AM on Sunday, November 04, 2007

The wind was whipping her long brown hair around.Why she bothered to do anything to it was anyone’s guess.She was on Durfor street, waiting patiently for someone.
A man was about to approach her with evil intentions.He reached her and was about to call out when a boy no older than the teenage girl came from nowhere, muttering warnings and a stream of swears under his breath.The stranger was caught by the waist, knocked to the ground.The girl looked confused.She eyed the stranger and headed toward Front street.The boy that had pushed the man down was nowhere to be seen.
Kava was the girl’s name.She didn’t know the boy or the man.Both gave her an uneasy feeling.She finally found who she was waiting for.Kava told her friend about it.But it wasn;t her friend after all.It was the boy who’d helped her.He kissed her softly,barely touching her cold cheek,and vanished.