Stacye: The Library Ghost 2

by Jenunique
originally published at 03:46PM on Sunday, November 04, 2007

Stacye groaned when she realized time had slipped away from her again. Being dead was unpleasant. To say the very least. Noone was even around to hear her cries. And she cried so often.

Though she would never admit to that. If there were anyone to admit that to. She simply bided her time, practicing moving objects. One day she knew she would be able to move bigger things than books and wires.

She looked toward the door from her perch atop the fiction shelving. The door was being unlocked. Stacye swooped down to stand at the doorway. This time, she determined, they would feel her presence.

The janitor simply walked right through her and started punching the correct buttons on the alarm. Stacye screamed at the top of her ghostly lungs. He looked over his shoulder, but nothing more.

The janitor turned and walked out the door.

Stacye blinked her invisible eyes. Did he hear that? She thought.