Forgotten Path

by Compound Fracture
originally published at 08:57PM on Sunday, November 04, 2007

1427 Prince Louis Carriageway. That was correct address, but the gate was securely bound. Based on the rust marks left by the chain, not a soul had passed over this threshold in many a month. Why would the professor steer him wrong?

He never should have let the driver leave. Now he was stranded at the end of a dark road hidden well by a tangle of trees. Perhaps it wasn’t too late. Was that still the horses he heard trotting in the distance? If his luck held, the cab may have paused, leaving it near enough yet to run after and flag down. Hollering into the damp night was hardly gentlemanly, but the driver would not spread word of his indiscretion given a reasonable tip.

What is this, though? It sounds as if the horses are getting nearer. With relief, Richard realized his concern was unfounded. This must be the professor now, arriving fashionably late. And, yes, as the cab pulled into view, the shadow of the professor’s unmistakable profile could be seen flickering upon the curtains within.




  • from KimuraCarter:

    I’ve been reading Sherlock Holmes lately, and your tone reminded me of that. Very nice, especially amid a sea of bad grammar. :-)

  • from Compound Fracture:

    Be realistic. At some point you must stop calling it “bad grammar” and start calling it “exceptional illiteracy”.

  • from White Hat:

    I like this muchly.
    Needs sequeling. I might have to do something about that.