Kava's Guardian Angel IV

by Rosalienye
originally published at 07:36AM on Monday, November 05, 2007

Kava wanted to know his name. He gave it: Shine. She thought this was odd but then again, not everyone was Kava either. He explained to her that he had seen her in distress but that she shouldn’t push it, just to see him. This made Kava blush. Shine continued about how one day, he might just not come. Then, he vanished. Kava swore in the frustration of being tricked. Then, she realized it. He didn’t trick her. He’d explained his doings. WELL ,NOT ENTIRELY , she thought bitterly, HE DIDN ’T EXPLAIN WHY HE CHOSE me. That thought still echoing, like a wave crashing against a cliff wall, she set off home, avoiding the McDonald’s for personal reasons.