This Moment

by KimuraCarter
originally published at 02:26PM on Monday, November 05, 2007

I’m right here, right now, I thought, standing in the soft sand. Every vacation, I made a point of doing this exercise. I looked around me and took in the entire scene: the sand, the water, the breeze, the sun, the sky, the salt, the shells, the trees.

If I were more dramatic, I would say it’s like tying a knot in the time line. It’s a reference point to look back on. So, when I’m stuck back in the office under fluorescent lights with multiple people asking for my attention, I can feel my way back to the knot—to this moment. And I can remember what I felt, what I saw.

So, as I barrel down this path of life, there will always be a part of me on this beach. Right here, right now.




  • from Kermitgorf:

    Because I live near the Jersey shore area, this ficlet resonated with me, and I agree with it 100%. The water wether calm or stormy, reminds me that there is More out there that’s beautiful in life than ugly.
    You’re ficlet was nothing short of beautiful as well.