nothing compares

by Black Ink
originally published at 06:24PM on Monday, November 05, 2007

I can’t seem to figure out what compares to you.You’re like a beautiful night sky, the kind you can’t capture on your camera and you’re so sure will fade from your memory eventually.You’re like the last little melted drop of ice cream that you can’t quite get into your spoon so you hang the cup upside down and hope that you catch in your mouth.You’re like the smell of bacon waking me up in the morning and the sizzle greeting my ears when I came to.You’re like putting on the radio and hearing the last chords of my favorite song. You’re like the last slice of NY style pizza that I really want but I give to someone else because they haven’t eaten yet. You’re like writing an essay at 2 AM, just when a thunderstorm hits and knocks out the power.You’re like going to hit the high note at last and cracking.You’re like realizing that I’ll never have you and you’re like the last tear that falls before I have to wipe my eyes and fake a smile and never let you know what I feel. You’re like love, and I’m like, done.




  • from ♠Ana Cristina♥:

    Great, especially how it runs together both in imagery and in structure. In your third line from the bottom, the word “cracking” is misspelled. Otherwise, it’s perfect. :-)

  • from The Ghost in the Machine:

    i rlly like this.its got my vote 4 featured ficlet.