Artifical Enviornment

by .:band baby:.
originally published at 08:23PM on Monday, November 05, 2007

“The birds are so pretty!” Sammy exclaimed as she and her mom walked though a fake green park.

“They really are.” Her mother agreed.

“I wish there were more of them..” Sammy said sadly.

“There was, at one time.” Her mom told her.

“Really? How many? What happened to them?” Sammy asked intrugied.

“Yeah. There were flocks of them.” Her mom stated. “A few years ago, many people didn’t care about the environment. They dumped many bad chemicals into the wrong places. It had a drastic effect on the enviornment. This is why you don’t know what ‘outdoor’ smells like. The government has made just about everything artifical.”

“Will everything always be artifical now, Mom?” Sammy asked, worried.

“I hope not, but the artifical environment, however much I dislike it, is much safer for boys and girls like you.” Sammy’s mom said with a smile.