Writer's Block

by .:band baby:.
originally published at 08:27PM on Monday, November 05, 2007

I sit here staring. They are much better writers then me. I tihnk to myself. They are off telling excellent stories while I sit here dumbfounded. All I can do is star at the stark white page in front of me. To some it comes easy, they see or hear something and can write entire stoies about it. I, on the other hand, sit forever trying to think of something to write about.

Oh! I got it! i’ll write about my writer’s block.




  • from Jenunique:

    I fell that way often. Fingers itching to hit the keys. Eyes blinded by the glow of the screen. Of course, as soon as I lie down to sleep, all these GREAT ideas pop into my head and I think, “Oh I’ll write that tomorrow.” Then when tomorrow is finally today, it’s gone… absolutely gone.

    You’ll find it. It’s floating just inches above your head! ;)

  • from Jenunique:

    :grumble: feel

  • from .:band baby:.:

    Thanks =) I get some good ideas right before bed.. but forget them by morning..

  • from Compound Fracture:

    You’re not alone, BB4L . Take a tip handed from writer to writer – always keep a pad and pen by your bed. If you’re too tired to actually “wake up” and write out the whole idea, just scribble some reminders, even just by feel, in the dark.

    I’ve found some really neat ideas scrawled in almost illegible script on my pad that I don’t even remember writing.

  • from blackbearsrock:

    that’s a good idea Compound Fracture.
    Don’t worry sometimes you can write your best and sometimes not, but you just got find a way to get those creative juices flowing.