How Could I?

by .:band baby:.
originally published at 08:46PM on Monday, November 05, 2007

This is so beautiful! I thought.

No. It is not. Things cannot be beautiful. A voice hissed.

Why not? I asked confused.

Because beautiful things make you happy. You do not deserve to be happy. The voice thoguht vehmently.

I was sitting on the edge of a small cliff over looking the river. The sun was setting. I knew I shouldd be getting back now. The voice was right… I didn;t deserve to see such a beautiful thing. Not after what I did. I should never be happy again.

I walked home in the growing darkness. Why did I even go there? It was a place just like that where it all happened…

You wanted to see if I was still with you. That is why you went back, mmy dear. The voice said, almost teasingly. And, just like I promised, I am still here.

Why don’t you just leave me! I feel guitly enough, you know that!

Because, my dear, I am not finished with what you must do for me.

I will not do any more of your dreadful things!

Oh, but you will!




  • from Flute Loop<33:

    ohhhh creeppyyy!!

  • from Jenunique:

    Hmmmm. Very interesting.

  • from Storykeeper of Fae:

    Hmm…it seems to me like a backward conscience thing. A pathological need to cause pain unto others and the character’s self. Interesting, indeed. Needs a sequel.