by Jeanette Gettysburg
originally published at 09:49PM on Monday, November 05, 2007

I picked up his MAR and medication, balancing an overfull cup of water as I walked down the hallway to the patient’s room.

When I entered he was sitting in his wheelchair gazing out the window. The sunlight streaming through made his wrinkled face seem more youthful than his 98 years.

“How are we doing today Mr. Kottkey?? I said setting down the water and medication.
“Happy and In Love? he replied without looking at me.

This was always his response but I never tired of hearing it. I glanced at a worn sepia photograph in his hand, his late wife.

“You know, in all the 43 years I spent with her we only had one argument,? He continued with a sigh, “I never interrupted her.? I laughed as a grin spread across his face.

Everything faded as I awoke lightly from the dream/memory and became aware of a hand on my waist pulling me backwards.

“Come here, come here to me.? Murmured my boyfriend. I moved closer to his warm chest, the words ‘Happy and In Love’ drifted through my mind. I descended into sleep again.




  • from Nouvelle Bardot:

    i like how this works so well as one story on its own. i’d still like to hear more, it was well done. : D