The Next Level (Daniel Gate)

by KimuraCarter
originally published at 10:16PM on Monday, November 05, 2007

Daniel was torn between being amused or perturbed. He reached and pulled on the ladder firmly; it seemed that it would hold his weight.

Daniel considered his options, glancing back to the busy street. He could stop this silliness and return to “real life.” After all, he was very late for the party at this point.

But what if I come back tomorrow, and this is gone? he thought. Then again, I could fall to my death, or serious injury, climbing this stupid ladder.

Daniel sighed. He knew there was no way anyone could let such a mystery go. He grabbed onto the ladder and heaved himself off the pavemet.

The ropes and wooden rungs were sturdy. Daniel climbed steadily, his breath bouncing off the brick wall and into his face. He did not allow himself to look down.

At last, he reached the open window and dragged himself inside, landing on a dusty wooden floor. As his eyes adjusted to the dim lighting, he spotted a white envelope in front of him. On it was written:





  • from Compound Fracture:

    This is great, isn’t it. I’m going to have to ponder this one for a while so I don’t just cheap out with the “You may already have won!” ending that first popped into my mind.

  • from Jeanette Gettysburg:

    More please I beg you! I love this story line.

  • from Compound Fracture:

    Info – The first story in this thread is:
    Guidance (Daniel Gate)