Is There A Plan?

by Nick
originally published at 06:44AM on Tuesday, November 06, 2007

“Wait a gorram second,” Simon said. “What?!?”

“During ‘Nam,” Blake explained. “I was the C.O. of…”

“C.O.?” Angela asked.

“Commanding Officer,” Blake replied. “I was the C.O. of an experimental unit. None of us were, per se, normal. We all had experience or abilities relating to the supernatural. Our company was nicknamed Sword & Stone.”

“What does this have to do with The Vatican?” Simon asked.

“Or with these infected folks you were talking about?” Angela asked.

Blake snorted. “After ‘Nam, the Vatican head hunted — that is, recruited — my unit. Or, at least, most of us that, you know, survived.”

“Why?” asked Simon.

”’Cause they wanted a Black Ops team to hunt monsters, Simon,” Blake replied. “And they wanted distance and deniability.”

“And…” Angela started.

“And two of them are coming here to help with problems,” said Blake.

“And why didn’t you do this last time we were in trouble?” Simon asked, a tad outraged.

”’Cause I thought we had an archangel on our side and didn’t need more help, okay?”




  • from Nick:

    There, it’s out there. Now, one day, I’ll have to do some research into ‘Nam and write a tale or two of Blake’s wartime experiences…

  • from Crown Me Tarzan, King of Mars:

    Man, I’ve been dying to write a Blake in ‘Nam story since the first Simon/Blake team-up! Next co-op ficlet series, maybe?

  • from Nick:

    Sounds good to me, sir. I don’t think I could tackle it alone…

  • from Alexa ♥:

    None of us were, per se, normal
    I’m already looking forward to the next Blake story.