A Wrong Number and Granny {Insert Pen Name Here's Fifty Nifty Challenge}

by Jenunique
originally published at 08:31PM on Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Stupid remote

I pointed it at the cable box while I repeatedly pressed the buttons. All the while pushing myself off the couch and moving closer.


Dead batteries. That was about right. I had to dig through the drawer in the kitchen. C batteries. AAA batteries. Even a watch battery. Weird. No AA batteries to be found.

I slammed the drawer shut just as the phone rang.

Hello? I answered, trying to conceal my frustration.

Umblefumble? Is that you sweety? the elderly lady asked.

I frowned at the strange name as looked for my post-it notes to write my battery list on. Found it.

I think you have the wrong number ma’am.

An advertisement for a spanish phrase book across the top. Something I picked up from the library.

Oh no, she answered, You’re mother will be getting off the express train at 8:37. You need to be there to pick her up.

Look lady. I am not Umblefu-, I start but she breaks in,
she has two glass porcupines for you.

I hung up the phone.




  • from Insert Pen Name Here :

    Truly, truly insane lady. I like how you made it an outside observer with no connection to “umblefumble” instead of making U. the main character. Bravo!

  • from Hunting Beauty:

    Well written. You did an excellent job on this story considering the challenge rules.

  • from Insert Pen Name Here :

    yeah, sorry about that…

  • from Jenunique:

    Rules were great. The harder the challenge the better! ;)

  • from Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore":

    =] That is really funny. Phone call… I never would have thought of that, lol.