Coming Back

by Adalade Clearwater
originally published at 08:31PM on Tuesday, November 06, 2007

“HEY! Are you almost done in there?’‘
Rachelle pulled her head out from toilet. It had been a long night. She pushed past the guys that were waiting for the bathroom as she heard them moan.
” ‘ey! Try to hold your liquor next time, runt!”
Again, with the small comments, she thought. At only 5’1’’, she was not the tallest girl in the room.
“It’s smy pwace, deal withs it or git the hell outs!” she slurred at her offender.
This is halloween, this is halloween, pumpkins scream in the dead of …
She fumbled to retrieve her cell phone from off the counter.
“Yesssss?’’ She mumbled into the receiver.
“Is this Rachelle Walters?” Inquired the caller.
“Maybe, depends, who wants to know?’’ This call was starting to sober her up faster than cold water.
“This the Gary County Police.”shit!
“What can I do for you?’’ It looked like her night just got worse.
“We’re calling to inform you that there was and accident on Route 18 this evening and unfortunately your parents were fatally wounded.’’