Cytheria & Jaselyn

by Eternal♥
originally published at 11:44PM on Wednesday, November 07, 2007

We picked up our mess and lay in the grass. Cytheria was still swimming and splashing around. My cellphone started crying out the Cry Me A River ring tone. “Hello?” I answered. “Hey yo, Jas, is Jackson there with you?” it was Camilo. “Yeah, why?” “We’ve been calling him all day, his phone’s turned off, so Estephan said he might be with you.” “Um, yeah he’s been with Cytheria and I the whole day, why?” “Naw, we was jus gonna hit up the clubs ya digg?” “Um, yeah Camilo I DON ’T dig” I laughed “Alright bye.” “Peace Jas” he hung up.

“Cam and Phan looking for me?” he asked. “Yup, there worried about there baby boy” I joked.” “Hey hey missy” he jokingly scolded me as he poked me in my rib. I started laughing since I am extremely ticklish. He kept tickling me. “Mercy!” I yelled. He helped me sit up, Cy was getting out of the water. The moon shone on her glistening body, she looked like a goddess. Named after Venus, it suited her perfectly. She started drying off with her shirt, and put her clothes on.