Action Reaction (Daniel Gate)

by Compound Fracture
originally published at 01:17AM on Thursday, November 08, 2007

He was about to slow for the light himself, but instead pedaled hard to add to the considerable speed he’d gained on the hill. The silver car crossed the center line and accelerated. While its intention was clear, Daniel made sure his was not.

He looked directly at the space between the driver and the line of cars waiting for the light. This, he hoped, telegraphed that he would be trying for that gap. He slid back on his seat and lowered his chin towards the bars.

The silver car closed to two lengths. Daniel turned hard right for a fraction of a second, directly at the stopped cars. His body mass tried to continue in a straight line. He exploited this shift of momentum by performing an impossibly sharp left turn that took him directly across the path of his pursuer.

He cleared the bumper by a full inch, and glanced up at the driver in time to see a look of utter disbelief suddenly obscured by an air bag.

He hopped the curb and headed down a side street, glancing back only to memorize the license plate.




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