How To Be Happy, Even If You Already Are Part 3

by A Joker
originally published at 01:40AM on Thursday, November 08, 2007

Another roadblock comes in the form of “anger?. Anger can strike at any moment, while driving your car, while driving someone else’s car, or while driving over someone else while driving their car. So then you may ask yourself, “How am I supposed to live a healthy American lifestyle with the threat of anger looming over my every move like a perverted old man?? The answer to this is so simple, that I’m required by law to call you stupid for not guessing it sooner.

SCREAM , loud and uncontrollably!! That will stop anger before it can seize you by the loins, and will undoubtedly ward off small children from your precious, precious baked goods (assuming Martha Stewart is still reading this).


  • from Blossom Ruoquen:

    your right! I shall conform to the American Lifestyle (stuffs face with chocolate-coated potato chips)
    and I shall vent my rage by way of screaming to rid myself of perverted old men! (goodbye Mr Rogers….no, I-I said goodBYE!
    CURSES !!)

  • from Brebelles:

    OMG Blah wow.Such a way with words. lol

    Love it so far Dave!