Close All the Doors In Your Past First.

by butterflygirl6106
originally published at 08:55PM on Friday, November 09, 2007

Today was my wedding day, Can such a day go without an hitch. funny hitch (laughter) thats a good sign your not nervous, what to do first, oh breakfeast, Mom is the cost clear can I come down now?Yes you can its just me in the kitchen. A knock came at the door as I went down stairs, my mom answered I went the back hall way just in case it was Daniel, I heard my mom says yes she is hear what can I do to help you its her wedding day. Mam the young man said my name is Michael, I am a friend of your daughters. Could you tell her I am hear. Lisa come to the door please. Yes mom what is it. at that moment she look up and saw his eyes first, she stumbled in the living room towards the chair, Michael she said with a very faint voice. she reach for him, he pulled back and said its me lis, at that moment her mother was stunned at the fact that lisa reacted in such a way after all it is her wedding day. Mom could you leave me alone for a moment with him. Oh alright if you want. Michael where have you been all this time.




  • from Lone Writer:

    This confused me.

  • from butterflygirl6106:

    In order to go to your new beginings you must close the door to your past. Unresolved loved is something that can eat at a marriage. Kismic has a way of bringing your past to your future if the door is never close on it.