Dog Play....

by butterflygirl6106
originally published at 09:17PM on Friday, November 09, 2007

Hey Montey is your owner home? Oh man is he, I can’t wait until he drinks the last cup of coffee and leave for work. Hey me and the bull dog down the street wants to come over and watch some big screen. ok but wait another 10 and come through the doggie door. Will do… Montey jump up on Bill knowing it drives him crazie and usually gets him out of the door, yeah yeah I’ll miss you to see ya….. Montey grabed the remote and pounce on the keys until the right channel came on. He ran into the kitchen and pushed on the snack container until it fell into his bowel. Just then the guys came thorugh the doggie door and found a spot on the carpet. Man Montey, your house is the best on the block, all the others talks about it at the doggie park. Hey you guys come over all the time but never bring the cuties on the other side of the street, whats up with that. Man they are just stuck up they always want you to bring them some bone or some thing. beside it’s just us guys. females are trouble around the guys. right.




  • from realities:

    Cute story…I always wondered what the pets did while we were gone!