Been Here Long?

by Jenunique
originally published at 07:15AM on Saturday, November 10, 2007

They floated just above the floor looking at me with slack jaws. I almost felt uncomfortable, as if I should say something else. I turned around an walked away. Mostly, just because I could.

The mourners were rising from their seats, readying themselves to leave the sanctuary. I passed them on my way to the front of the church.

A white haired lady looked at me. I know she saw me. Some of them will; see me, I mean. Babies, toddlers and old people, usually. Babies cry, toddlers point and smile. The elderly people just get that look of worry. Afraid their minds are slipping away.

Every once in a long while, someone will come along in their youth, whether it is teen or young adult, who can see me. They are my favorite. Almost as surprised as the new ones.

Anyway, I was heading to the front to see the old priest. He had been here longest. Still wasn’t totally convinced that he was dead. I had been trying to talk him into finding us a way out for a long time. Three hundred twenty days, to be exact.



  • from Jenunique:

    I love this thread. This is a plea to get more to join it! ;)

  • from THX 0477:

    Very interesting. I’ll try to come back to it, as I’m not in a creative mood today.

  • from Jeanette Gettysburg:

    I am amazed! I forgot to check back on this story till today and imagine my surprise. I love where this is going…