A believer

by blackbearsrock
originally published at 05:14PM on Saturday, November 10, 2007

have something of theirs what works the best to make them die is their a large amount or some blood. But, hair is way easier. Don’t you see she got into my mind so I would think I wished them dead were she played all these images of them doing mean stuff to me and she killed them with this spell , framing me. Nobody would believe me because you all thought I was nuts, I’m not I don’t do witch craft and yes even though I hated them I wouldn’t kill them.” One hour later
“Raquel?” an apoligitic voice.
” The lie detective results came back, you proved your point. You were right! But, we need Margret to admit it for some real evidence to back you up in court. We already have a idea that you will talk to her in a ice cream place and we will have it recorded and you will act so sad and begging for mercy, that she will admit.” I was really confused.
“Ice cream shop?”
She always goes there on Saturday 3:00 sharp, everbody knows that, small town.”
“Ok, goodbye.” The next day I went to the police station



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  • from martha :

    Nice, not the best but entertaining.