by blackbearsrock
originally published at 05:26PM on Saturday, November 10, 2007

know everybody was very apoligitc like the cheif. He passed me a little microphone that he put in a ruby necklace which went along nicely with my black long sleved shirt and blue jeans. We did some practice runs it was quite fun, like being a little kid in some spy movie. I had lunch their too a cheeseburger and some french fries and then after that it was almost 2:30 it took 20 minutes to get to Abby’s Ice Cream. We were off not to soon not too late just in time to the place were Margrett was just heading in, I switched the microphone on. I was nervous, but everthing was guarded.
I walked in the ice cream place pretending to be interested in the menu, but I saw Margrett eatting a vanilla ice cream and I went over. “Hi” I said friendly “pretend your sad and will do anything, my earring talked to me. “Oh, Margrett I’m falling apart no one believes I’m so nuts, you were right. Can you help me? I would do anything for you!” I was on my knees with my tears falling on the floor. ” Oh, Raquel, silly Raquel!” she



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  • from martha :

    Hmm interesting twist.