Silver Dream 5

by Blossom Ruoquen
originally published at 04:23PM on Sunday, November 11, 2007

She made a mental note to go to a checkup with her eye doctor, just in case something was seriously going wrong with her eyes. She knew this was extremely silly of her to think. She had always had wonderful eyesight, and really was unnerved that all of the sudden she could only see fragments of what was going on.

She couldn’t help feeling a pang of nostalgia at the thought of an eye doctor. She remembered her father, who was an orthodontist. She sadly remembered the way he used to gently chastise her for not brushing her teeth after dinner when he was alive. She thought of how her mother tried to play both roles at once after he was gone. Ending in confusion and frustration on both sides. She wondered if she would ever see her mother again. She remembered the car accident so well. The way she had been sitting in the backseat so innocently playing with her toys, bugging her father for advice about Mr. and Mrs. Potato-head; who had recently had a bad argument about which enchanted castle to visit for vacation