Rainy days are here again

by Explorer
originally published at 02:31PM on Sunday, March 25, 2007

Justin did open his mouth to say something, but choked. He fumbled for the glass of beer in front of him and took a sip to regain his voice.

Ah…., so, I waned to tell you…

“Stop” she said… her eyes burning with rage. I know what exactly is going on in your head, you Devil

Justin was too shocked to react, and his mind began to wander to that rainy day almost 8 years ago when they had just met. Those 8 years went zipping past his eyes in the next 30 seconds that followed.

His mouth was open, so were his eyes- but his body had stopped listening or reacting to her anymore…

he took solace in the flashback that was happening in his head as though some mad speaker at a Web 2.0 conference was pouring his heart out in a 654 page slideshow…