by butterflygirl6106
originally published at 07:40PM on Monday, November 12, 2007

blew out, a powerful wind came apon him, the dragon raced past him and with a shove of his nostrials he roared with gas filled lungs and blew a rage of firer in his direction. Mostatria ran for cover, his bow and arrow at his side. “you dragon, you must die for that he exclaimed”, get thee behind me and give me the princess of Zafar. The dragon continue in the path of where he was running hoping to cut him off at the entrance. Mostatria turned and with a stance declaired “this day you will die and or I trying to save the princess”. The dragon flew higher above the clift, Mostatria knew that is where he was keeping the princess, so he waited until dawn, when he knew the dragon would be sleeping. He heard a voice someone else is in the cave with him, he lay and wait until that person showed his face, just then the light of a torch approach where he was standing. ” Who go there: show your face and make your self known. I am jestar prince of cotar, who are you? I am the knight Mostatria dragon slayer.