Going Away

by lost_at_sea
originally published at 06:22PM on Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sunday evening I received one last message from Blake. Of course, I let the answering machine pick up.

Hey Judi, it’s me calling for like, the millionith time…uh… I’m not gonna be in school this week because we got to go to California…my grandpa died last night. We’re going for his funeral….so I’m not gonna be around. But I just wanted to say, again, for like, the millionith time…I’m really sorry for what happened the other night. I-

In disgust, I shut off the answering machine half way through the message. No matter how many times he apologized, he was never going to get my forgiveness. Even if he was in agony over his grandpa’s death.

“Judi! Time to eat!” my mother called. I trotted down the stairs in fury.


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  • from One Time, One Chance:

    awWw! his grandpa died. show some sympathy =[

  • from Nat:

    wow no offense but she sounds like a b** (not sure if i can say that on ficlet). it’s high school. he’s a guy… there will be moments when that happens. and he was obviously drunk… well on his way to being drunk. he’s apologized many times. his grandfather died… show some heart.

    haha sorry. i tend to get too stories/movies like that.

  • from lost_at_sea:

    Hey Nat,
    jump ahead in the series and she’ll have more reason to hate him :)

  • from penguincaptain18:

    I was with Nat until I read lost_at_sea’s comment. Of course you had to make the guy worse than what he is. Great job with it tho.

  • from Dreamer:

    oh hunny, we make him a LOT worse. :)))