The Back of My Head Can't Be Very Attractive

by curbxstomp
originally published at 07:12PM on Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I could feel the kid staring at the back of my head, and I didn’t know whether or not to be annoyed or flattered. He wasn’t bad looking, but at the same time, no one ever said it was a good idea to get involved with a good looking guy—that’s almost a bad idea, if you look at my family history. I kept glancing at the clock unconciously. Ten minutes left of class, and I was wondering when he was going to talk to me again. Did I really want to talk to him? I tried to comb my fingers through the knots in my hair, realizing it was a losing battle and settling back in my seat. Hopefully he didn’t mind. If he did, I might need to find a brush. Looking decent for the locals might be a good idea.




  • from StrugglingWriter:

    I like the first person point of view here a lot. Well written.

  • from RunningWithScissors:

    good job. :]

  • from curbxstomp:

    Thanks guys. I really appreciate it. I am trying to find all of y’alls ficlets at the moment…should be paying attention in engineering….

  • from Lone Writer:

    LOL . I like this…

  • from Kermitgorf:

    Like how it’s all done in thoughts all the action. well done.