Coffee and Conflict (Daniel Gate)

by Compound Fracture
originally published at 12:07AM on Friday, November 16, 2007

He took another pensive sip. It was outstanding.

“Gukeng?”, asked Daniel. It was reminiscent of Blue-mountain, but even smoother.

Nobutoshi raised his brow and nodded, clearly impressed.

“You say receiving the Dragon is an unfortunate circumstance?” asked Daniel, returning to the subject.

Hai, and that pleases you,” surmised Nobutoshi accurately. “It should. They are a group that should have stayed in the past.”

“But you have been, what did you say? Called to loyalty?” Nobutoshi nodded, and Daniel continued, “A call, I imagine, that does not include options.”

Daniel’s phone beeped. Nobutoshi gestured for him to check it. It was a message from Lucas.

Two hours. Worried as per request.

He quickly replied that he was fine, but had no time for details until tomorrow.

A girl handed Nobutoshi a small note. “I have news about your friend in the silver car. Do you know of the Inagawa-kai?”

Daniel nodded. “They’re Yakuza too. There is still in-fighting, then? They are rivals of the Kokuryū-kai?”




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