She Wore a Yellow Bow: A Blaze Ratchet Mystery. Part 3

by MRay
originally published at 11:18PM on Friday, November 16, 2007

“So you didn’t invite him into your bedroom?” I waited for a reaction. “I mean, just so I’m clear, there’s nothing going on between you and your stepson?”

Some dames have a way of telling you the truth while using lies as the facts. I’d bet a stack of poker chips she was sleeping with Junior long before last night.

“No. I have never done anything to make Junior think that I…” she hesitated, scratched her wrist just above the diamond bracelet, then continued. “Look, Junior is just my stepson. I care about him. He needs help. He needs to go to Bellview and be looked after. His father is figting for his life and will more than likely end up in the chair, and Junior just can’t deal with it.”

“How much is your husband worth, Mrs. Schmeister-Hausen?” I asked.

“Why? Does it matter? You’ll get paid.”

“What happens to the family jewels if both Harvey and Junior disappear?” I leaned back in my chair, just in case she tried to take a swing at me.

Before she could say anything, the lights when out.