Inside the Death Star

by i live NYLSC
originally published at 06:51PM on Saturday, November 17, 2007

I could see the three suns one red another gold and the last black overhead and yet the terrain around me was dark. The red sun symbolized our life, the gold was our wealth, and the black absence of light meant death. I remember my grandma telling me tales of when the death star took over and all life threatened to cease. I’ve always thought it was just a story but now I fear it may be true. As the great stars draw nearer together the darkness grows in strength feeding off the others, a parasite. She said night will engulf the planet and hope and life will fade, it is only matter of time before our planet is devoured in hole. With each second that I stand here telling you this the light fades more and the planet weakens and is starting to die. As the suns first started their collision course rumors started that it is alive. Performing the duty a black hole would have, it is a monster that thrives off life absorbing it and making it its own. Building its life, its planet a horrible, horrible, bad world