A Post-it Ending

by i live NYLSC
originally published at 10:05PM on Saturday, November 17, 2007

It was a rainy night I was about to pack up and head home when I saw a trail of sticky notes, post-it sticky notes. I followed them to my desk where a single yellow post-it was laying it said see you soon. The ink was red a brilliant ruby red. I easily dismissed this. But when I got home as I was making myself a bed time snack I saw another one hanging off the shelf written in orange it said meet me by the oak tree. This one had a slight smell of perfume that seemed familiar. So I went to bed a little apprehensively sleeping with the light on. In the early dawn I awoke to another post-it note now in yellow saying 6 ‘o’ clock. That day I kept an eye out for any more notes with none to be found. As 6 ‘o’ clock approached I headed to the park where the great oak tree grew, there taped to its massive trunk scribbled in green Look up ^ . When I looked up into the branches all I saw was 2 big blue eyes. The last thing I remember is a post-it written in purple reading goodbye.




  • from i live NYLSC:

    Challenge entry
    any constructive criticism is welcome

  • from Saint Chuck:

    Very much like the last line,.

  • from i live NYLSC:

    Any one notice that the collors are in the order of the rainbow?