by butterflygirl6106
originally published at 10:18PM on Sunday, November 18, 2007

Stop the press, I was told that I sounded uneducated. That my creativity is flat. If I thought for one second that this would send me into tears I guess I would be crying by now. I hate to think that we have such rudness among us, but I forget we live in a world where people are unhappy with them selves. It is so cold out here, low tolerence for anything from any one. It is a sad thought that hatred and or evil in a fashion of words could be created to hurt someone you do not even know. Well I have gone through worse and or heard worse so this is just another learning chapter in my life. I will not go away, and I will be heard so I say to you who feel the need to hate and or hurt, check your self as a human being you have the ability to teach if you know more.

Uglyness of mankind is all to much of a common place in this day and time. We who have the ability to wirte, we can disagree to disagree, but be diffrent in this! that you encourage not discourage someone who is learning and or is different.




  • from kespat:

    I ENCOURAGE you to please learn to write before posting to more websites.

  • from butterflygirl6106:

    user 6481 please focus on other things, if you do not like the way I write then don’t read anything I write. I am sorry you feel the need to be rude.

  • from User 6514:

    Although I think that user 6481 is being a little harsh, she does have a point. Your stories seem as if you need to have a little more life experience before trying to write about the things you want to write about. You should find your own voice so that your writing doesn’t sound so cliche. Also, misspellings of basic words only take away from the depth and comprehension of your stories. Furthermore, your stories and ideas don’t flow very well. You have potential, but you also have a lot to learn.