Fiction War, Part 2

by Phil
originally published at 06:16AM on Monday, March 26, 2007

After going down the elevator, the old man (who told Hand to just call him ‘Chief’) opened the door, and they stepped out into a big cavern, which had a flying saucer in the middle, complete with aliens coming in and out.

“Sweet Lord! Are those…?”

The Chief chuckled. “No, no. This is just here for the Ruskies. Let em’ think this is what we’re working with. Let’s go to the real secret.”

As they were walking along, the went through a room that was obviously a break room. Only one man was there, with a brown uniform, a small mustache, and a bad haircut. Hand said, “Please tell me that Adolf Hitler is not making coffee.”

The Chief shook his head. “No, no. That’s Ernie. He’s here to make anyone who sees this seem crazy. He dresses like Hitler, and anyone who comes out telling the world that there’s a flying saucer and Hitler making coffee—well, who’s going to believe that?”

“But don’t you want the Russians to think we have..”

“Sure, the Russians. Our people, no. They’d freak. Bad for the economy, right?”