#1 Introduction to my new book: Ella's World

by Luna
originally published at 12:39PM on Monday, November 19, 2007


Thu-thump. Thu-thump. Thu-thump.
Ella could feel her heart pounding against her chest.
Her head was spinning and her stomach had so many
butterflies it might as well have been Mount Fuji. Had
this really happened? Could she really, truly be the
luckiest 13 year old girl in the world? She felt as
though she would puke in the very swimming pool she
had just won her 1st place swim meet in. And it wasn’t
even the race that mattered any more. It was the text.

“ No way!? Lola, Molly, Sarah, April and Bridget, all
came rushing towards her like a line of ducklings
swimming in a pond. They all swarmed around Ella
gaping at a text that had just beeped through her
Pepto Bismol pink flip phone.
“ What?!? Bridget had finally squeezed her head in
between them as she read the words aloud:
hey ella. i was wondering if u might want 2 go w/ me
to smoothie king some time. i no u like it there. Chase