#2 Introduction to my new book: Ella's World

by Luna
originally published at 12:41PM on Monday, November 19, 2007

There mouths dropped open. Any minute now she new
that there would be a ‘lol just kidding!’ Or a ‘jk!’
And by the looks on her friends faces, they thought it
“ Chase?? Lola couldn’t bare to keep the silence
any longer. She jumped up and down and did a cheer
leading punch in the air followed by multiple
brandishing waves. “ You mean that totally hot super
fantabulous 9th grader in the baseball league??
Ella’s ears turned bright pink. Who could know
friends could be so happy for friends?
“What should I say?? Ella looked at her friend
with hopefulness glinting in her eyes.
“What do you mean what should I say! I can’t even
believe my best friend is getting a chance to date the
cutest guy in school! He’s so hot!? Bridget, Sarah and
April all nodded at Lola in approval. Except for Molly.
“You guys, stop! What Ella meant to say is, I’m
really nerveous about the date and,? Molly looked at
Ella for some kind of clue, “she needs some serious
help finding the right thing to wear!!!?