#6 Introduction to my new book: Ella's World

by Luna
originally published at 12:47PM on Monday, November 19, 2007 mature

“But, you bought a witches costume last year
sweety! Do you really want to buy another one? I still
have it in the basement if you want me to get it! You
haven’t grown much in the past year.?
“Mom! Don’t be silly! I’m not getting it for me!
I’m getting it for Lilly.? Lilly was Ella’s younger
cousen. Although Ella hated liying, she was getting
pretty good at it.
“Well, in that case!? Ella’s mom gratefully
handed a 50 dollar bill to her. “ Just in case you
need some snacks along the way.? Ella jumped up.
“Thanks so much mom!? Her mom gave her a suspicious smile. “I’ll definitely buy Lilly the best costume ever!? Her mother’s smile remained the same. Not once had Ella offered anything to Lilly before, even with her perfect reputation as a goog daughtor. “And! I’ll… buy a brand new bikini for when we go to the beach!?