The Potion

by J.B. Williams
originally published at 07:43PM on Monday, November 19, 2007

This potion is quite powerful, I thought. About a full day later, and I’m still feeling the aftereffects. I followed the instructions to a T, yet I still feel very weak afterwards. I don’t feel any of the benefits anymore. Speaking of, they seem to vary with each dosage. Once I could fly, effortlessly at that. Once I had superhuman strength and invulnerability. Once I became super-intelligent (Level 12 intelligence, for the Superman fans out there) and was extremely motivated (could use that one again). It is supposed to do different things for different people. But the after effect (usually pain) is usually the same, with varying types and is quite intense. Who made such a product that could do these types of things to someone? I think it could be used for good, but people tend to die from it sometimes. I think it’s about time I stopped. I’m tired of courage in a bottle.