The Gathering

by MRay
originally published at 11:15PM on Tuesday, November 20, 2007

She tried her best to fight him off, but his sharpened talons tore into her flesh. She gasped in pain as her shoulder was ripped open. Blood began to pour out and soak the surrounding ground.

As a nightwalker, Tyson was concerned only with the taste of flesh. He must have hers, all of it. From within the hollow tree, Tyson pulled the lifeless form of bone and sinewy flesh. He set it aside the tree and feasted as others of his kind watched. The smell of the prey attracts nightwalkers, and their ritual that celebrates a feast of one of their own is something no human had ever seen.

Until now.

A figure in the dark, among the trees, was watching. He had actually seen a feast before, weeks ago, in the Northern Place beyond the Woods of Akira. He knew that once the feast was over, the Gathering of the nightwalkers would come next. This is what he really wanted to see. The Gathering has long been considered the key to understanding nightwalkers. It helps to understand your enemy before you try to kill it.




  • from horrorfan13:

    This is good and makes me want more!

  • from cainegreene:

    I liked this as well. I finally added a bit to blizno’s sequel. Add some more about the guy

  • from THX 0477:

    Very exciting and a bit of a twist. We have a character for a while, you assume that character will survive against all odds. I guess that’s part of the fun of ficlets—that the next author may not be as attached to a character. Keeps it real, I think. And great intro to a new character too.