by Never Explain
originally published at 12:15PM on Wednesday, November 21, 2007

She beckoned me to a door right behind the cash register. She led me into a large kitchen painted white. There were two chefs. The first was a grumpy-looking plump, balding man in a grease-spotted white t-shirt who was cooking something bad- smelling on the grill in front of him. The other was cooking a steak thats smelled delicious. He was bald, black and a human tree in height. The human tree saw us walking by and abandoned his cooking to come and greet the manager.
“Miz Mary,” The man grinned as his calm and low voice escaped his lips. “What might you be doing back here?”
“Oh! Hello Lewis!” Mary responded, returning his grin with shiny white teeth “I was just going to give our new waiter a job interview.”
“Really? We have not had a male waiter in a while.”
Lewis held out a vice-like hand
“I am Lewis Morrison,” He said. “And you are?...”
“Tom,” I said shaking his hand “Tom Archer.”
“Pleasure.” Lewis responded. “Well, I’ll let you go on.”
“Tom, that door over there is my office, go on in.” Mary said.


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