One Fool Too Many

by i live NYLSC
originally published at 06:50PM on Wednesday, November 21, 2007

“oh your shoes untied.” flick “April fools”

later that day.

“hey theres something on your shirt” flick “April fools”

even later.

“don’t look now but your flys undone”

“is this another trick?”

“no seriously” flick “April Fools.”

“I’ll showyou april fools” he said a stomped off

the next day.

“i don’t know if this will work dude.”

“you kidding me its time for pay back.”

“whats this contraption going to do again?”

“uhg. im going to place a dollar on the ground. when he bends down to pick it up i”ll hit this button and this meter stick will come up a flick his nose… hard.”

“what ever you say”

“hide he’s comeing shh.”

........... phwap “ahh my nose!” i came running from hiding it looked like it was broken judgeing by the blood. and he was crying. wait is he laughing? OH MY GOSH HE IS !

“APRIL FOOLS ! It’s ketchup!”