The Light of the Empire part V

by Ethyachk
originally published at 02:59PM on Monday, March 26, 2007

It wasn’t that Kaijan heard something that made him stop cold, it was the realization that, other than the ruckus Klam was making, Kaijan couldn’t hear anything. Any time a forest was this quiet something big and dangerous was about.

“Quiet,” Kaijan hissed at Klam. The boy returned a haughty look.

“I grow weary of the way-” Klam stopped short when he noticed the deadly expression on Kaijan’s face and the two drawn daggers he was holding. Klam started to back away, but Kaijan growled in frustration.

“Do not move,” Kaijan snarled quietly and Klam stopped in place, terrified. With the little fop quiet and still, Kaijan was able to listen while he cast his eyes about seeking the trouble that currently finding them.

The sound of horses pounding hooves reached Kaijan’s ears. It sounded like a dozen horses each being driven by an loud guard from the palace. Kaijan had made sure that no guards would be able to follow by horse for at least a day, so that left but one bad option.

“Wizards…” Kaijan grumbled.